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Aquarium of the Bay is the only Smithsonian Affiliated Aquarium in California. Home to over 24,000 animals from 200 different species, the Aquarium offers an important lens into the marine and terrestrial life of the San Francisco Bay & California Coast. We are releasing the AOTB Feed Funders NFT collection to engage a community of interested aquarium supporters and arrange memorable opportunities in our aquarium. This drop features the frames of an original AOTB Leopard shark video, the most common shark in the San Francisco Bay and also in our Aquarium! Once purchased, AOTB Feed Funder NFT collectors will have an opportunity to be chosen for VIP experiences at the Aquarium including feeding the sharks.

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About Us

Aquarium of the Bay is San Francisco Bay’s Aquarium. We are a non-profit organization with a mission to enable conversations on climate resilience and ocean conservation globally, while inspiring actionable change locally by protection and preservation of the San Francisco Bay and its ecosystems. Our passion and our work are locally-focused, but have a broad impact that touches upon every major challenge facing our global environment. We are passionate about providing fun and unforgettable encounters with our natural world in ways that ignite both wonder and conservation.

This is why we are working with ViciNFT to bring a unique experience of a chance to win an opportunity of feeding our sharks. Their mission and goals align with ours with every NFT sold, a percentage will be donated to our charity that helps feed our fish/ecosystem here at the AOTB.